We are a leading satellite operator that owns the satellites in the SIRIUS Satellite System. SIRIUS offers cost-effective solutions for broadcasting and broadband services for customers in the Nordic, Baltic and Central and East European countries. The satellites are located at orbital position 5 degrees East and offer reliable communication links across Europe. The high power transponders of SIRIUS make it possible to receive the transmissions with small antennas, 45-60 cm in Nordic and Baltic countries, 60-70 cm in the rest of Europe.

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Internet via satellite

Satellite transmission is much more than TV and radio. The rise of digital technology has increased the range of broadband services on offer.
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The shift from analog to digital tv is going on in several countries during the coming years. We take active part in the debate in Sweden. Digital tv has been available on SIRIUS for more than five years. Click here if you want to read more about digital-tv.

What is HDTV?

Within a few years, we'll have a new TV standard, HDTV (High Definition TV). You will find information about HDTV in our newsletter Uplink. Faced with the biggest quality shift in television history, we want to help clarify the concepts. Therefore we've compiled a small guide for anyone who wants to learn more about HDTV technology.
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