Services overview

SIRIUS provides broadcasting and broadband services via satellite to public service and commercial broadcasters, network operators, Internet service providers, communication service providers, production companies, public authorities and other businesses.

TV and radio broadcast

Public and private broadcasters in the Nordic, Baltic and Eastern European countries use the SIRIUS Satellite System to reach households equipped with a satellite dish. SIRIUS also feeds broadcast signals to all major cable TV networks and satellite dish associations in the regions. SIRIUS serves about 150 of the biggest cable networks in Europe.

Satellite is a perfect vehicle for carrying digital HDTV (Hight Definition TV) services with brilliant pictures and multichannel sound. The SIRIUS Satellite system has carried HDTV channels since 2004. At present there are two HDTV channels onboard SIRIUS, HD1 and HD2/HD5. Occasional TV and radio links can be established for broadcasting news, sports or other outside broadcast events.


Satellite transmission encompasses much more than TV and radio transmissions. Broadband services are being developed fast and the ever-increasing use of digital media puts big demands on transmission capacity, especially when aiming to reach a large number of receivers at great distance. SIRIUS has a comprehensive broadband platform based on an ASTRA system used by a number of leading service proviers all over the world. For businesses SIRIUS also provides reliable, two-way communication (VSAT) over a large geographic area, totally independent of existing infrastructure. These services are suitable for permanent or temporary connections, for feeding networks of various sizes, and for enhancing communications during rescue efforts or in areas where a communication network has been put fully or partly out of action.

With our partners, we also offer Internet connection for mobile units like trains, boats and buses where gyro-stabilized satellite dishes are used.