Swedish satellite company changes name

1 Dec, 2005

A strong expansion and the growth of new geographical markets have led to Swedish Nordic Satellite AB now changing its name to SES SIRIUS AB.

"We haven't been a purely Nordic business for a long time," says General Manager Per Norman. "We also play an important role in TV and broadband communication in several countries in Eastern Europe."

Nordic Satellite AB, with its satellite system SIRIUS, changes its name as of 1 December. The company is partly government-owned through the Swedish Space Corporation (25%), which monitors SIRIUS satellites from its control station at the Esrange base just outside Kiruna in northern Sweden. The change of name to SES SIRIUS AB is part of the company's development into an expanded market and new tasks. At the same time the name reinforces the link with the principal owner, SES ASTRA (75%), and the global satellite network the company is part of.

When asked about name change Per Norman says:

"Our organisation has undergone great changes due to our expansion in the Baltic region and in Eastern Europe, which in recent years have become our new domestic markets. We have also adapted our business to new technologies that are rapidly changing the face of the market."

He continues:

"Our company now has the same name as our satellites, which makes communication with our customers and interest companies easier. Since we are part of the SES GLOBAL satellite group, it is natural for us to also have the prefix SES in our company name."

For more information please contact:

Per Norman, General Manager
Tel: +46 708 94 25 80
E-mail: per.norman@ses-sirius.com

Anna-Karin Modigh, Marketing Manager
Mobile: +46 708 94 25 86
E-mail: anna-karin.modigh@ses-sirius.com


SES SIRIUS AB owns and operates the satellites in the SIRIUS satellite system (SIRIUS 2 and 3). SIRIUS is a leading satellite system in the Nordic, Baltic, Central and Eastern European countries and offers cost-effective solutions for TV and radio broadcasting and broadband services in these regions. The SIRIUS satellites are located at orbital position 5˚ East and offer reliable communication links across Europe.

SES SIRIUS AB is 25% owned by the Swedish Space Corporation and 75% by SES ASTRA, one of the world's leading satellite operators.