Romanian consortium places major order with Nordic Satellite

31 Maj, 2005

Digital Cable System – DCS, which is a consortium of almost fifty Romanian cable TV companies has signed a multi-year agreement with Nordic Satellite AB (NSAB-SIRIUS) for two transponders on the SIRIUS 2 satellite with an option for a third. To ensure its expansion, the consortium has invested in satellite capacity and intends launching Direct-To-Home (DTH) services shortly on the Romanian market.

The DCS operators all have a strong local presence and close contact with their viewers. Together they cover virtually all of the regions of Romania. They have now signed a multi-year agreement with Nordic Satellite AB (NSAB-SIRIUS) for two transponders on SIRIUS 2 satellite, European beam, with an option for a third. In the near future they intend launching services via home satellite dishes (Direct-To-Home – DTH).

Gheorghe Minea, President of DCS said upon signing the contract with NSAB-SIRIUS:

“We selected NSAB-SIRIUS as our partner not just because they are the largest satellite operator on the Romanian market, but also because of their perseverance and diligence in building a good reputation for quality, a varied service offering and personal service over many years. Today we have good contact with all our viewers and we want to utilise our quality image to expand our market with DTH customers.” In summing up he says:

“We estimate that DTH will be equally important in Romania as it is in the rest of Europe in the long term, which is why we must have satellite partners that can handle our pace of expansion. To begin with we will be using two transponders, but we will be taking up our option for an additional transponder as soon as possible.”

Lennart Björn, Senior Sales Representative at NSAB-SIRIUS and responsible for the Romanian market is convinced of the rapid expansion of the Romanian TV market:

“DCS has a strong presence at a local level across all of Romania which is why we are convinced that they can quickly capture additional market share with the help of SIRIUS satellite transmission,” he says and explains NSAB-SIRIUS' position in the country:

“We have been working in Romania since 1998 and are now established as the largest satellite operator in the country. This makes us an important part of the Romanian telecommunications industry. Naturally we are extremely grateful for the country's great faith in our service.”

For more information, please contact:

Lennart Björn, Senior Sales Representative
Nordic Satellite AB (NSAB-SIRIUS)
Tel +46 8 505 645 00

Gheorghe Minea, President
Digital Cable System – DCS
Tel: +40 21 323 6888