SIRIUS Satellite System is the leading satellite platform for households in the Nordic, Baltic and Central/Eastern European regions. Both private and public broadcasters use SIRIUS to reach millions of viewers in households equipped with satellite dishes.

SIRIUS also feeds broadcast signals to terrestrial broadcasters for re-transmission via the terrestrial network and to SMATV installations and cable TV operators in Europe who send the signals on through their cable network.

The high transmitting power of the satellites means that households can receive the signals using relatively small satellite dishes. A 60 to 70 cm dish is adequate for reception in most areas of Europe. In the Nordic and Baltic countries transmissions can be received using even smaller dishes, 45-60 cm.

The SIRIUS Satellite System supports open standards such as MPEG (Moving Pictures Expert Group) and DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting). Common standards make it simple for our customers to connect to SIRIUS.

SIRIUS is also an excellent system for radio transmissions, due to the possibility of sharing transponder capacity. The transmissions can be sent direct-to-home, through cable networks and terrestrial transmitting stations.