SES SIRIUS AB owns and operates two SIRIUS satellites that provide the Nordic and Baltic regions, together with eastern and central Europe, with a choice of high quality TV, radio, data, Internet and multimedia communications solutions.

The SIRIUS Satellite System is part of the world’s largest network of satellite operators, SES. SES is able to reach 95% of the world’s population with the 44 satellites in its fleet.

Both public and private broadcasters have chosen SIRIUS as their TV and radio distributor.

SIRIUS is also used by many broadcasters for occasional transmissions, such as sports, news or other ad-hoc events.

Satellite transmission is more than just TV and radio. The SIRIUS Satellite System is closely involved with the development of multimedia services using digital technology. This means a wider variety of broadcasting services at a lower cost and gives viewers maximum freedom of choice and makes accessing multimedia services as easy as choosing a channel on a remote control unit.

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